Whats Your Favourite Animal?

Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Igloo's!

 Look At Some Igloo's I Made!

Rookie On Mathletics!

Those Of You That Are On www.mathletics.com ! If You Want To Look Like Rookie In Mathletics To Represent Your Favorite  Character On Club Penguin Just Dress Like That! (You Don't Need To Include The Back Ground And The Hair) .  So Go Out And Play Mathletics Live To Represent Rookie!

: ) :p!



 As We All Know Rookie Is On Club Penguin And I Met Him I Made Photos Of Him And Here They Are!

(I Know Some Of Them Are Hard To See Because Of The Crowd So Sorry For That!) And I Last Found Him At The Server Marshmallow And In The Candy Room! That Means Rookie Likes Candy! I Hope This Will Help You Finding Rookie Before The Party Ends!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Black3005 & Cool Alvin30

Well They Are Very Similar But, So Different!

 One Is A Dancer!                            And The Other Is A Sport Man!

As We All Know They Have Both Made An Not Easy To Forget
                             Adventures!  We Are Giving You A Sneak Peek  Photo   
                             About There New Adventure! 

 This Is The Photo!

PS. Awcourse This Story Will Be About Them Both!