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Friday, 25 March 2011

Defeat The Dragon Part 3

As Black Went To Cool Banana He Said I Heard You Were Talking About  Defeating The Dragon! Um Yeah. . . Said Cool Banana. So I Have A Proposition For You! I Will Help You Defeat The Dragon!But I Was Only Playing My Knight And Princess Toys, But If You Wanna Defeat The Dragon I Can Help You! Said Cool Banana. As They Went They Were Looking For The Dragons Cave But They Only Saw White Snow Down  There Every Where! Then They Saw A Cave It Looked  Just Like That Picture! Cool Banana Said Hey Theres A Sign Its Says: NO NIGHTS? I Think They Are Thinking Of Parking Horses. Well I Think Its Says: No Knights! Said Black. So We Need To Go Back! Said Cool Banana. No! We Need To Defeat The Dragon! Said Black.  As They Went In They Saw A BIG BLACK MAZE! Then Hot(The Black Puffle)Went On Fire  And Led Them To The _ _ _ _ _ _!

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