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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Singing Penguins Part 2

See full size imageBlack Knew Every Famous Penguin! So He Phoned The Penguin Band! Well The Penguin Band Was Having A Lot Of Stuff To Do So It Could Take A While. Mean While When Cool Alvin30 Went To The Coffee Shop He Saw Penguins Singing(After Drinking Coffee)! Then Cool Alvin Ordered A Cup Of Coffee The Waiter  Was  Keep  Singing This Song Penguin Coffee Is Very Good! And We All Can Call It Food!After That Cool Alvin30 Went To  The Most Private Place In Club Penguin(The Toilet!). He Sang To Him Self. Some Penguins Heard It And They Spread It Through There Igloo While Having A Party And These Penguins Spread It Around The Town And the Penguins In Town Spread It Around The Whole Club Penguin! Every One Was Thinking Who Had The Golden Voice, But They Didn't Know It Was Cool Alvin30

To Be Continued. . .  

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