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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Singing Penguins Part 2

See full size imageBlack Knew Every Famous Penguin! So He Phoned The Penguin Band! Well The Penguin Band Was Having A Lot Of Stuff To Do So It Could Take A While. Mean While When Cool Alvin30 Went To The Coffee Shop He Saw Penguins Singing(After Drinking Coffee)! Then Cool Alvin Ordered A Cup Of Coffee The Waiter  Was  Keep  Singing This Song Penguin Coffee Is Very Good! And We All Can Call It Food!After That Cool Alvin30 Went To  The Most Private Place In Club Penguin(The Toilet!). He Sang To Him Self. Some Penguins Heard It And They Spread It Through There Igloo While Having A Party And These Penguins Spread It Around The Town And the Penguins In Town Spread It Around The Whole Club Penguin! Every One Was Thinking Who Had The Golden Voice, But They Didn't Know It Was Cool Alvin30

To Be Continued. . .  

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Milk And Quackers Show!

Remember When I Told You That When I Will Find Good Videos I Will Show You? Well These Are Very Good!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Defeat The Dragon Part 3

As Black Went To Cool Banana He Said I Heard You Were Talking About  Defeating The Dragon! Um Yeah. . . Said Cool Banana. So I Have A Proposition For You! I Will Help You Defeat The Dragon!But I Was Only Playing My Knight And Princess Toys, But If You Wanna Defeat The Dragon I Can Help You! Said Cool Banana. As They Went They Were Looking For The Dragons Cave But They Only Saw White Snow Down  There Every Where! Then They Saw A Cave It Looked  Just Like That Picture! Cool Banana Said Hey Theres A Sign Its Says: NO NIGHTS? I Think They Are Thinking Of Parking Horses. Well I Think Its Says: No Knights! Said Black. So We Need To Go Back! Said Cool Banana. No! We Need To Defeat The Dragon! Said Black.  As They Went In They Saw A BIG BLACK MAZE! Then Hot(The Black Puffle)Went On Fire  And Led Them To The _ _ _ _ _ _!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Singing Penguins!


Did You Ever Saw The Music Jam? Did You Ever Saw How Places Changed? Well A Penguin Called Cool Alvin30 Did!

He Also Met The Band But If I Can Tell You The Whole Story About It, It Will Be Better! It All  Started At The Afternoon, Every Penguin Was Singing Out!
Well Except For  Cool Alvin30! Well He Did Like To Sing But He Was Shy!
He Was Standing In The Middle Of No Where! He Was Looking Down As You See In The Picture.
But Then  A Penguin Called Black(3005) Came To Him And Said Hey Did You Saw The Bla And The Bla Bla Bla Bla! And Cool Alvin only Looked At Him Like That Girl Over There!Then Black Realized He Was Not  Listening  To Him! So He  Made A Surprise  For  Him!  To Be  Continued  . . .

Penguin In The City!

    Check Out This Funny Video!

The Music Is Cool If I Find More Good Videos Like That I Will Show Them To You!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Defeat The Dragon Part 2

As They Looked Around They Saw:
As You See At The Pictures There Are Penguins On Them. We Will Hear About These Penguins Through The Story. Back To The Story! Black And Hot Went To  The Coffee Shop To Ask Whats Going On. They Saw A Penguin Called Ye Coffee O Man. Coffee O Man Was A Brown And Wise Penguin. WHATS GOING ON! Said Black I Don,t Under Stand Ye Language. Said Coffee O Man. Do You Under Stand Puffle Language!?! Said Hot (The Black Puffle) Ye Puffle Can Talk? Said Coffee O Man. OK IT CAN!!! NOW CAN YOU TELL WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE!?! Said Black. Oh Ok I'll Tell Ye That Club Penguin Is Gone Medival! The Dragon Casted A Spell On Club Penguin And Took The Princess! I See It Didn't Work On You. The Dragon Casted The Spell Like That: All The Wise Will Change Medival Let The Spell Will Go Nice! I Realy Am Wondering Why Did You Didn't Work On The Spell? Said Coffee O Man. Ok Hot Were Outta Here! Said Black. As They Went Out They Saw A Penguin Called CoolBanana.He Was A Talking About Defeting The Dragon. And I Knew How To Help Him. . .                                    To Be Continued                                                           

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


DID YOU EVER SAW AN ERROR LIKE THAT! Thanks Grolia For Posting It For Me!

Poor Purple Puffles! :(

Did You Ever Thought How Poor Is A Purple Puffle? Well I Did And I Made A Picture! As You Can See The Puffle Is Dancing , But NO! He Doesn't  You Think He Smiles NO! His Face Is Upside Down , Thats Why I Made A Picture Of Him Upside Down! And The Poor Purple Puffle Needs To Smell The Lime Green Penguins Feet! Now Do You Think That Purple Puffles Are Poor?Thank You For Posting This Coolbanana70!

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Defeat The Dragon!

As You Can See A Small Penguin Called Black3005 Is Standing Beside A LARGE, STRONG, DANGEROUS AND EVIL DRAGON! You Say How Did This All Happen!?! Well Theres The Story . . . One Day Black Woke Up In His Bed And He Saw His Very Happy Black Puffle On His Pillow. Before Black3005 Wanted To Take Him Off His Pillow His Black Puffle Went On Fire!         AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!! Said Black.Then He Ran Out Of His Igloo Now It Was Empty And It Looked Just Like That(Awcoures His Puffle Went With Him This Time Not On Fire). After Black Went Out From His Igloo Black Realized Every  Thing Was Like Umm OLD! Black Was Shocked. And There Was No News About It! Said Black. Or Maybe Thats Because I Didn't Look At The News 5 Weeks? Said Hot The Black Puffle. WHAT! PUFFLES CAN TALK! Said Black. Yeah! Said Hot. Never Mind We Need To Look Around Said Hot.

To Be Continued. . .

Meet Black3005!

Heres Black He Is Cool,Strong,Fast And Hes A Great Dancer! You Can Meet Him Nearly Any Time At All In Club Penuin!