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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Defeat The Dragon Part 2

As They Looked Around They Saw:
As You See At The Pictures There Are Penguins On Them. We Will Hear About These Penguins Through The Story. Back To The Story! Black And Hot Went To  The Coffee Shop To Ask Whats Going On. They Saw A Penguin Called Ye Coffee O Man. Coffee O Man Was A Brown And Wise Penguin. WHATS GOING ON! Said Black I Don,t Under Stand Ye Language. Said Coffee O Man. Do You Under Stand Puffle Language!?! Said Hot (The Black Puffle) Ye Puffle Can Talk? Said Coffee O Man. OK IT CAN!!! NOW CAN YOU TELL WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE!?! Said Black. Oh Ok I'll Tell Ye That Club Penguin Is Gone Medival! The Dragon Casted A Spell On Club Penguin And Took The Princess! I See It Didn't Work On You. The Dragon Casted The Spell Like That: All The Wise Will Change Medival Let The Spell Will Go Nice! I Realy Am Wondering Why Did You Didn't Work On The Spell? Said Coffee O Man. Ok Hot Were Outta Here! Said Black. As They Went Out They Saw A Penguin Called CoolBanana.He Was A Talking About Defeting The Dragon. And I Knew How To Help Him. . .                                    To Be Continued                                                           

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